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Yercaud: Being beautifully offbeat with best buddy

Started that Saturday with the feeling of having an amazing breakfast far from the city but ended up going on a road trip was one of the best thing that has happened in 2019 till date. Well I am talking about start of February. The first week of the month, all charged up.

Yercaud is such a relaxing and calm place. Being there on the weekend was like fuelling myself up for the month ahead.

This is the amazing place where we stayed.

With lots of greenery around, I just wanted to relax and do no adventure at this time. And believe you me, this is I guess the best place.

Place: Yellow Lake Resort, Yercaud

If you are in Bangalore, take a weekend of no planning and stay in Yercaud and relax yourself with the spa and sun rise which just relaxes you makes you ready for the month ahead.

3 hours from Bangalore, I found a place where I can just relax and get ready for another month.

The spa , the morning tea, the bonfire, the games everything combined up to be an awesome weekend.

Planning another trip soon.

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